Service Overview


"FUJITSU Cloud Service S5" provides customers with the ability to self-provision virtual systems on demand from Fujitsu's resource pool. Resource pools are physically pre-installed within Fujitsu Data Centres. When required, customers may provision the resource amount needed. This allows our customers to develop applications for their business in a timely manner using a low cost operational environment.


Select a System configuration from the template library that best meets your requirements.
Provide a secure environment that protects againsts threats from the Internet. (DMZ, firewall).
Create/delete/increase/decrease resources (e.g. virtual server/storage) on demand at any time as required.
Charges are based on hourly or amount used (with exception for certain resource products).
Resource configurations can easily be changed via Browser based user interface and API.
Browser / API providing functions for users to perform resource operations and monitoring. For example resource start/stop, backup/restore, and status.
Reliability is ensured with strict adherence to highly redundant architecture, such as physical arrays mirroring, redundant networks, etc.
User administrative access is secured through mechanisms such as certificate authentication, SSL, and VPN.

Getting started

Complete user registration
User ID activation
Login to the service portal
Download and install client certificate
Select system template
Modify system design and configuration.
Verify estimated rates and charges.
Confirm to begin system deployment.
Remotely login to Virtual Machine deployed (VPN connection may be required).
Install and setup applications as needed.
Update firewall settings. E.g. Apply FW rules to allow access to application services.
Check resource availability status.
Add or remove virtual resources such as virtual machines or storage.
Perform backup and restore operations as needed. E.g. Backup virtual firewall to save current configuration before changes.
Check service utilization charges

Usage Scenarios

Example: Development/Test Environment
When an environment is needed for development and/or testing, systems can be deployed within a shorter timeframe at lower cost compared to implementing a dedicated physical environment manually.
Example: New Service Startup
Businesses can create new services with less risk from operational challenges. With "FUJITSU Cloud Service S5", effort to deliver and maintain ICT resources is significantly reduced thereby allowing businesses to focus on their objectives.
Customers may also use this service to assist them in validating the solution concept or capacity prior to actual investment.
Example: Disaster Recovery or Addressing Temporary Increased Workload
This service can be used to supplement a customers disaster recovery solution or to meet increased workload demands on existing systems by provisioning virtual resources for a short timeframe.