Welcome to the FUJITSU Cloud Service S5! This web-based service gives you the ability to design and deploy virtual infrastructure as a service, through a suite of pre-installed servers, storage and network. Sign up to enjoy the benefits of our unique self-service platform which is intuitive and user-friendly, robust and reliable, running on Fujitsu technology. Billing is transparent and by-the-hour, based on your actual usage, and the service offers you the real benefits of flexibility, agility and control - freeing up your people and resources to focus on driving your business forward.
Service Desk Operational Hours
For sales enquiries, please contact

For the service desk, please contact:

24 Hours a day / 365 Days a year

Singapore Toll Free: 800 101 2767 (Alternatively 800 636 3084)
Malaysia Toll Free: 1800 815 930
Indonesia DID: +63 2 7937951
Thailand Toll Free: 1800 156 206 6839
Vietnam DID: +63 2 7937952
Japan/Other DID: + 63 2 555 3721