About Certificate

"FUJITSU Cloud Service S5" authentication certificate and usage information.

Authentication Certificate

"FUJITSU Cloud Service S5" authentication certificates can be downloaded and installed after completing the user registration. This certificate will be used for authentication when the user logs into the portal. Full portal functionality will only be available to users with authentication certificates. Please note that the authentication certificate cannot be downloaded for personal use.

Root Certificate

Detail of "FUJITSU Cloud Service S5" Root Certificate Authority is provided in this section.
The root certificate and authentication certificate will be downloaded at the same time. Before installing authentication certificate into your browser, please check the fingerprint of the root certificate. Refer to the installation instruction for more details on how to install the authentication certicate.

Serial number
Owner Identifier
(Subject DN)
C=JP, O=Fujitsu Limited, CN=SOP-RCA
Validity Period
Mar 16 08:39:04 2010 UTC ~ Mar 16 08:39:04 2030 UTC
6B5B 4130 82B6 8459 82A3 0908 D26E 6CF7 BA9E 2569

Certificate Authority Management Protocol (CP/CPS)

Coming soon.

Installation Instructions

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